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If skin rashes, redness, itchy and sensitive skin is causing you problems, then Beau can help. Harsh beauty products, household cleaning materials and the general environment such as plant and foods can play hazard if you have sensitive skin.

At Beau Beauty Clinic we offer a range of treatments aimed at have a calming effect, evening skins tone and complexion for brighter fresher looking skin.

Sensitive Skin Treatments

  1. Dermaquest Lactic Resurfacer

    The Dermaquest Lactic resurfacer is a great treatment for anyone who suffers with rosacea or inflammation in the skin as it is gentle but highly exfoliating for producing an even skin tone. It has been crafted to also replenish dull and dehydrated skin. This treatment will result in:

    Optimum hydration

    Have a calming effect on the skin

    Even skins tone and complexion

    Reveal brighter fresher looking skin.
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  2. ZO Invisipeel

    The perfect way to improve the condition of your skin and reveal a new glow! Ideal for all skin types. Invisipeel is the ideal treatment for all skin types; as well as sensitive skins, Its multi targeted formulation treats pigmentation, flaky skin, redness and softening skin texture. It uses a unique process without apparent exfoliation so there is no down time with treatment. Enzymes in Invisipeel enhance and accelerate repair while restoring moisture. An excellent way to start your journey with ZO skin treatments

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You should always book a consultation with our trained and experienced skin experts to assess your skin and to ensure that the treatment is right for you. You can arrange this by completing the form below.

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