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Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Dermaquest resurfacing treatments

Pricing from £45

Here at Beau we offer a range of Dermaquest resurfacing treatments which can effectively minimise lines and wrinkles, blemishes, pigmentation and large pores. A deeply exfoliating treatment with minimal downtime; they rejuvenate skin tone, texture and appearance. Each resurfacing treatment is tailored to your own skin during a full skin assessment with our professionals. Resurfacing treatments are safe and non invasive.

Dermaquest salicylic resurfacer

Pricing from £45

If you find you suffer from breakouts on a regular basis this would be the treatment for you, they are very treatable and persistent or regular outbreaks can be kept at bay also with the correct home care routine. Dermaquest salicylic acid resurfacer will give you excellent results such as:

  • Deep exfoliation which penetrates down within the follicle
  • Reduces future breakouts
  • Effectively reduces inflammation
  • Deeply cleanses the skin of a build up of clogged pores and excess sebum.
  • Excellent treatment for sensitive acne prone skins

It will treat grades one and two acne from black and whiteheads to papules and pustules with slight inflammation.

Dermaquest Pumpkin resurfacer

This treatment is an advanced exfoliation process excellent for age management, blemishes and hyper pigmentation. This can be carried out as a standalone treatment, however to maximize treatment outcome a course of 6 is recommended.

  • Skin will become more hydrated
  • Evens the tone and texture, hyper pigmentation is lightened.
  • Reduces open pores
  • Diminishes breakouts and also prevents new outbreaks
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

  Dermaquest Mangobrite resurfacer

Dermaquest Mangobrite resurfacer uses a complex of vitamin c, orange stem cells and mango pulp and aids in repairing all levels of hyper pigmentation. Kojic acid will also diminish dark spots and reduce melanin production for a more even skin tone. A course of 6 treatments is highly recommended to reduce patches of pigmentation. Following treatment:

  • Skin will look more even
  • Dark patches or spots lightened
  • Reduces further pigmentation issues
  • Brightens complexion
  • Also helps with softening skin texture.

  Dermaquest Lactic Resurfacer

The Dermaquest Lactic resurfacer is a great treatment for anyone who suffers with rosacea or inflammation in the skin as it is gentle but highly exfoliating for producing an even skin tone. It has been crafted to also replenish dull and dehydrated skin. This treatment will result in

  • Optimum hydration
  • Have a calming effect on the skin
  • Even skins tone and complexion
  • Reveal brighter fresher looking skin.

  Dermaquest Peptide Resurfacer

This treatment will offer extreme hydration, brightening benefits and smooth textured skin. Not only will you feel a difference, you can see it as well. The power of peptides will immediately plump lines and wrinkles, while giving rise to a brilliant glow. This treatment will instantly improve firmness an clarity for lustrous skin, revive lifeless dull skin, supports and improves the dermal matrix and minimizes lines and wrinkles.

  • Effectively hydrates the skin
  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Evens out tone and complextion
  • Leaves fresh, glowing soft skin

Frequently asked questions 

  • What happens during a  treatment?

    Following a full thorough skin consultation with our aesthetic therapist the treatment begins with a dual cleanse to remove makeup and debris from the skin. Following with a superficial exfoliation which is then removed. A pre prep solution will be passed over the skin to remove any oil or left dirt or debris. The peel solution will be applied to the skin and left for 2 minutes; depending on tolerance another layer can be applied for a further minute. Following peel the skin will be neutralized and a mask to suit each specific skin type will be applied while you relax in your surroundings. Finally finishing with ZO skin health products. Immediately after treatment your skin will be more noticeably glowing and fresh, Any redness or irritation soothed and skin texture softened. Many clients say they see their best benefit the next day.

  • What is a Dermaquest resurfacing treatment?

    Resurfacing treatment deeply exfoliate the skin with properties of naturally occurring acids which are found in nuts, fruit, milk to example a few. They will effectively remove old skin cells to stimulate the renewal of healthy, glowing skin. Post treatment expectations are fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, blemishes and acne hyper pigmentation are reduced, skin will be left glowing and feeling tightened.

  • What is the difference between a resurfacer and a skin peel?

    Resurfacers are classed as mild, or mini skin peels. They work on the very top layers of the skin using enzymes to exfoliate and renew. Resurfacing treatments usually have very little or no down time following treatment. Some people may experience very light flaking or slight dryness. Chemical skin peels work in the same way as a resurfacing treatment but are able to target deeper into the skins surface delivering stronger extended results, acid skin peels also have downtime of around 1-2 weeks

  • What happens during my treatment?

    After a full skin assessment is carried out by our aesthetic therapist resurfacing treatments will begin with 2 thorough cleanses to remove any makeup or dirt present on the skin. A prep solution will then be passed over the skin with gauze to remove any oil then the resurfacer is passed all over the skin and left from 2-10 minutes depending on skins sensitivity. The skin will then be neutralised and appropriate finishing products are applied. Immediately after treatment skin will feel fresher, smoother and brighter in complexion. Resufracers are also very hydrating to the skin. There may be a noticeable reduction in breakouts and signs of ageing. Dependent on your own skins severity multiple treatments may need to be carried out to achieve the desired outcome. It is advised for a course of 6 treatments to be carried out to benefit from optimum results at 3-4 week intervals. Results will be enhanced by following the correct homecare routine with good quality skin care products. A high SPF is also highly recommended during treatment. Each of the Dermaquest resurfacing treatments offers different benefits which will be discussed during the consultation process.

  • How does a resurfacing treatment feel?

    Resurfacing treatments are by no means ‘fluffy facials’ as they are classed as a results driven treatment. They are completely safe and non invasive. The sensation from treatment can vary from person to person dependent upon skin sensitivity, tolerance, skin condition and the strength of the resurfacer used. Most people describe the feeling of warmth or tingling which means the ingredients are penetrating lower into the epidermis.

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