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Skin Peels

ZO ossentials stimulator peel

Pricing from £50

The Ossentials stimulator peel, better known as ‘The red carpet peel’ as many people undergo this treatment before attending a red carpet event. Also can be called ‘the lunch time peel’ as there is no down time and you can return back to your daily routine straight away! This Peel uses 3 active ingredients, salycilic, lactic and citric acid to deeply exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from the surface. It diminishes superficial imperfections resulting in incredibly brighter, even toned glowing skin underneath. This peel also reduces inflammation and redness within the skin making it perfect also for sensitive skins.

ZO Invisipeel

Pricing from £45

The perfect way to improve the condition of your skin and reveal a new glow! Ideal for all skin types. Invisipeel is the ideal treatment for all skin types; as well as sensitive skins, Its multi targeted formulation treats pigmentation, flaky skin, redness and softening skin texture. It uses a unique process without apparent exfoliation so there is no down time with treatment. Enzymes in Invisipeel enhance and accelerate repair while restoring moisture. An excellent way to start your journey with ZO skin treatments

Glo Therapeutics

Pro 5 exfoliant £35

Great for all skin types

A versatile chemical exfoliant uniquely blended with 5 alpha and poly hydroxy acids. This no downtime formulation is appropriate for use on all skin types including sensitive.

Anti bacterial properties and help oil control. It reduces occurrences of reddening within the skin, gently exfoliates, improves texture and unclogs pores.

Enzyme peel. £40

Great for acne, oily skin

Smooths skin surface by breaking down and removing keratinised cell build up breaking down dead skin. Combined with anti oxidants to provide anti inflammatory and nourishing benefits. A great starter point for anyone thinking of a facial with visible driven results!

Active ingredients within are 1% papain which this will dissolve dead skin aiding in smoothing and improving skin texture, great for spot prone skins. With its powerful anti inflammatory properties and powerful anti oxidants to renew the skins surface.

Lactic acid peel £40

Great for dull ageing skin, also pigmentation.

Smooths hydrates and brightens dull skin, improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation discolourations. Added antioxidants help repair damage and reduces inflammation and redness, it also has brightening properties fights inflammation and hydrates. Including powerful antioxidants help to clear the skin of any impurities.

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