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What is intimate waxing?

What is intimate waxing you say? What is the difference between a regular bikini wax and a Hollywood wax? Does it hurt? Will I feel embarrassed? How long does it last? All your questions answered here!

So where do I begin? Here’s at Beau we use the Lycon waxing system, the most prestigious of waxing brands promising to give that perfect finish every time!

The difference between a regular bikini wax and a Hollywood wax is this…… A standard bikini wax is where hair is removed from the top of the legs where your knicker line sits, removing hair that you would see when wearing pants, a bikini or swimming costume. A Hollywood wax is where hair is removed from the whole of the area, Including bottom ?. A Brazilian wax is similar to a Hollywood, but a strip of hair is left on the top.

Clients should never feel embarrassed when having these kind of waxing treatments! Our therapist Jenny will make clients feel comfortable and relaxed during the whole process, no embarrassment here!

How long does treatment take? A Hollywood or Brazilian wax usually takes around 30 mins. The skin will be prepared with a pre waxing oil , meaning that when it is applied the wax will only stick to the hair and not the skin, resulting in a much more comfortable experience.

Will it hurt? We won’t lie! It doesn’t tickle ? Usually if clients are usually shaving first treatment can be slightly uncomfortable. However the more treatments that you have the thinner the hair grows back, resulting in a much more comfortable experience! Jenny’s advice to anyone, RELAX! I do this on a daily basis and see many lady parts. I will talk to clients during the whole treatment making them feel easy about the process. Your second treatment will feel so much easier than your first.

How long will it last? Your first treatment should last around 3-6 weeks depending on your own hair growth. The more often you are waxed the less it grows meaning more time inbetween treatment.

Can you be waxed on your period? Yes! We would ask you to wear a tampon as we are able to move the string.

Jennys choice of wax for intimate areas is the Lycon Azulene, soothing and gentle on the skin. It has chamomile extract to so safe to use on the most sensitive skins. The difference with the Beau experience is Jenny also uses lyco jet wax after treatment. A wax that  designed to remove hair up to 1mm short to make sure every hair is vanished!


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