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The power of pumpkin!

So with it coming up to October and Halloween we thought it would be very fitting to talk about our amazing Dermaquest Primary Pumpkin Resurfacer treatment. Within this blog we will explain everything there is to know about the power of this treatment!

What is Dermaquest? They were the first company to formulate innovative ingredients with a powerful delivery system considered essential to skin health and functioning. With their own team of educators and lab team this brand is considered to be one of the best in the world!

Why pumpkin? Our Primary Pumpkin Resurfacing treatment combats ageing concerns, improves sun damage, reveals more youthful looking skin, effectively exfoliates and hydrates and subsides persistent acne conditions! So all in all a good treatment for a range of skin conditions. We would not recommend this particular treatment for anyone suffering with severely irritated on sensitive skins.

What happens during treatment? Your skin professional will take you through a through consultation prior to treatment where everything will be discussed and explained. To begin your skin will the double cleansed and a peel prime solution applied to remove any excess oil and dirt from the skin. Your resurfacer will then be applied and left from anywhere between 2 to 10 minutes depending on skin type. You will not be left during this time! Next the resurfacer will be removed with cool water and a neutralising solution applied to bring your skin back to its regular PH level. A hydrating cooling mask will be placed on the skin and left for 5-10 minutes to absorb. When treatment has ended finishing products will be applied to suit your skin type.

What happens after treatment and what do you need to do at home? Your skin care specialist will advise on any home care precautions that need to be addressed and you will be asked to wear an SPF, as post treatment skin can be more photosensitive making it more prone to any sunburn. There is usually no down time with a resurfacing treatment; however some clients advise that after around 3-5 days post treatment skin may feel slightly dry and some flaking. This does not happen to everyone! Immediately after treatment some people experience slight redness with will subside fully within 24 hours. Advice is to not wear makeup the same day but mineral makeup is safe if this is a must.

We will be offering our Primary Pumpkin treatment during the whole month of October on special offer so keep your eyes peeled!

Jenny x


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