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Gemma Rimmington ZO Treatment

It goes without saying the skin care and makeup go hand in hand. The skin is the foundation for a great makeup application and it is so important that we take time to invest in our skin, especially as we get older.

After Jenny had completed the face peel treatment I was left alone for 10 minutes to relax with my gorgeous hydration face mask.  As I lead a very hectic lifestyle its not very often I get chance to relax and enjoy a treatment like this.  It was very welcomed!

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ZO Stimulator Face Peel – also known as The Red Carpet Peel as it is a perfect facial to have before a big event as it achieves amazing results and provides a great canvas for gorgeous makeup.

ZO ossentials stimulator peel

Pricing from £60

The Ossentials stimulator peel, better known as ‘The red carpet peel’ as many people undergo this treatment before attending a red carpet event. Also can be called ‘the lunch time peel’ as there is no down time and you can return back to your daily routine straight away! This Peel uses 3 active ingredients, salycilic, lactic and citric acid to deeply exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from the surface. It diminishes superficial imperfections resulting in incredibly brighter, even toned glowing skin underneath. This peel also reduces inflammation and redness within the skin making it perfect also for sensitive skins.

ZO Invisipeel

The perfect way to improve the condition of your skin and reveal a new glow! Ideal for all skin types. Invisipeel is the ideal treatment for all skin types; as well as sensitive skins, Its multi targeted formulation treats pigmentation, flaky skin, redness and softening skin texture. It uses a unique process without apparent exfoliation so there is no down time with treatment. Enzymes in Invisipeel enhance and accelerate repair while restoring moisture. An excellent way to start your journey with ZO skin treatments

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